Five times “No” – Sexual propaganda aimed at minors is overwhelmingly rejected in Hungary

The fact that the European Commission has initiated infringement proceedings against Hungary due to the amendment of child protection legislation adopted in June has sparked off public debate recently. The body in Brussels objected that those provisions prohibit or restrict access to content that promotes or displays deviations from gender identity regarding their sex assigned at birth, gender reassignment or adult sexual orientation to children. Given that the Government of Hungary is initiating a child protection referendum on five issues under the pressure of Brussels, Századvég mapped the attitudes of the population towards the issues.

There is no place for LGBTQ activities presenting adult sexual orientations in schools and kindergartens – Hungarians believe

According to the research, Hungarians reject all the examined forms of activities promoting adult sexual orientation aimed at minors.

Almost three-quarter of respondents (73 percent) oppose activities for minors presenting sexual orientation in public education without parental consent,

while 24 percent would not object. Similarly, 88 percent of respondents do not support the display of sex reassignment media content to minors, and 89 percent oppose the unrestricted presentation of sexual media content affecting the development of children under 18 in Hungary.

Hungarians oppose the sexual transformation of children

A similar picture emerges regarding the social perception of sex reassignment treatments for children and the promotion thereof.  The survey shows that

9 out of 10 Hungarians oppose sex reassignment treatments available to minors (91 percent) and the promotion of these options (93 percent).


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