Webinar on (de)urbanization

Webinar on (de)urbanization


As part of the series of open webinars organized by the Századvég Group, the next event focuses on the urbanization and de-urbanization processes and their current state throughout Europe.

As an introduction to the discussion, Századvég will present selected results of its recent research focusing on how the Hungarian population perceives cities, villages, and the countryside; its opinion and related feelings; and their current mobilization, moving trends, which provides recent data on the trends of urban-village population flow.
Századvég carried out a representative primary research between September-December 2020. The research was conducted using the CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) method reaching out to 60.000 Hungarian adults. Selected results were already presented at Századvég’s recent Conference on the Rural at the beginning of November 2021 (presentations are available here).
Following the sharing of the research results,

the invited panelists will share their own perspectives on the subject,

how they perceive the current related processes and the influence of external factors such as e.g. the developments of transportation and communication means, or the effects of the COVID pandemic.
The webinar will be concluded by a discussion, where the panelists will get a chance to reflect on each other’s views and registered participants are invited to raise questions on the topics of the event.

When: 16 December 2021 @ 16:00

Duration: 1.5 hours

Where: Online

Language: English

Registration: Participation is free but prior registration will be required. You can register for the event here.

Planned panelists:

  • Viktor WURM, senior researcher, Századvég
  • János Balázs KOCSIS, deputy head of the Hungarian Society for Urban Planning
  • Diana HAASE, European Parliament, Committee on Regional Development
  • Mátyás SZABÓ, European Commission, DG Agriculture & Rural Development
  • Bernd SCHUH, Österreichisches Institut für Raumplanung (ÖIR)

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