Refinitive, based in New York, is one of the world’s largest providers of financial market data and infrastructure, serving more than 40,000 organizations and 400,000 end users in 190 countries with investment information and a platform. Every year, the banks and analytical hoses that make the most accurate estimates in the framework of Reuters Polls are awarded. The award can be won in two categories: Economic Indicators and FX (foreign exchange market). The former examines which institute is the one that has estimated the most important economic indicators (GDP, industrial production, inflation) as accurately as possible. Refinitive examines forecasts for 14 countries, including Hungary and the euro area.

In the case of FX (foreign exchange market), analysts were assessed by the accuracy of the monthly exchange rate expectations: Refinitive ranks the analytical houses with regard to 5 regions, including Central and Eastern Europe, and the Russian rouble and the Turkish lira.

In 2021, Századvég Konjunktúrakutató Zrt. finished second in both examined categories. Last calendar year, only Erste Bank’s analysts estimated economic data for Hungary more accurately. Based on estimates of the development of the exchange rates of the currencies of Central and Eastern Europe against the euro, only ING Financial Markets provided a more accurate estimate than Konjunktúrakutató in 2021.

Our organization has been ranked high among analytical institutes in recent years. In the category of Economics, our institute previously achieved its best result in 2019, making the fourth most accurate forecast that year. However, in terms of foreign exchange market development, we took second place in 2020 and 2017, and first place in 2018 and 2019 in the framework of StarMine Analyst Awards.