According to public opinion, Hungary’s security comes first

Nine out of ten Hungarians think that Hungary cannot be pulled into an armed conflict, according to the latest poll conducted by Századvég. The survey revealed the attitudes of the Hungarian population towards the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, including the issue of the military defence of Hungary’s border shared with Ukraine.

According to public opinion, Hungary’s security comes first

Hungary must stay away from the war

The survey conducted after the launch of Russia’s military operations in Ukraine shows that

there is a general social consensus that Hungary should stay out of the war.

According to the survey,

98 percent of respondents believe that we should do our best to prevent Hungary from being involved in the Ukrainian-Russian armed conflict,

while the proportion of those supporting Hungary’s participation in the war is only 1 percent. 


Guaranteeing Hungary’s security is top priority

It can be stated that Hungarians consider the guarantee of Hungary’s security to be of primary importance. The research shows that

9 out of 10 respondents (90 percent) say Hungary’s security is top priority and it is crucial that Hungary is not pulled into armed conflict,

while 9 percent of respondents consider active participation in the fight against Russian aggression and the punishment of Russian President Vladimir Putin to be a more important and urgent task.


In this regard it is important to highlight that 90 percent of Hungarians agree that in recent days Hungary has strengthened the military defence of its border shared with Ukraine, while 7 percent of respondents oppose this measure.



CATI, n=1000, among the Hungarian adult population, data collection: February 2022

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