The left blames our constitutional system and the people for their electoral defeat
In the parliamentary elections held on 3 April 2022, the Fidesz-KDNP party alliance won a historic victory. Left-wing actors, disrespecting democracy, are unwilling to accept that people have given the national, civilian side confidence with a two-third majority of the votes in a free and fair election, and instead of practising self-criticism, they are trying to discredit Hungary in the international press with falsehoods.
A crime committed by the left, which keeps scaring with fraud, is suspected again
As the parliamentary elections on 3 April approach, there are not only violations of moral issues but also several breaches of law on the left. In recent days, a recording about László György Lukács was released which substantiates the suspicion of committing a crime, the base case of which is punishable by imprisonment not exceeding two years under the Criminal Code.
The energy policy of the left would increase the overhead bill of Hungarian families by an average of HUF 112,000 in March
Since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the Hungarian left has repeatedly argued for stopping Russian energy imports immediately. The measure would force Hungary to end its overhead cost reduction program and households would have to pay market prices for gas. If the claim were to be realised, there would be a 7.2-times increase in the Hungarian gas bill in March.
The EU’s future decisions can be seen as a new level of federal efforts
The recent ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union on the rule of law mechanism was a clear sign of the EU institutional system professing faith in a federal system. However, the decision the EU intends to take in the future can be seen as a new level of federal efforts. There is a clear political intent behind the plans, namely the deliberate and targeted abolition of the sovereignty of nation states through reducing Member States’ competences. All this is extremely dangerous because recent challenges have clearly demonstrated that only nation states can provide effective responses to real ordeals.
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