What do Hungarians think about the EU? – Pro-EU, but strongly critical voices

Deputy Director for Polling and Market Research

The question of the future of the European Union has been quite a dividing topic in Europe recently. There is an increasing conflict between Brussels and several member states, especially when it comes to the question of integration and migration. Moreover, the results of our EU-wide poll Project 28 have shown that there is also a significant divide between the EU’s leadership and the people of Europe in many important issues. Our fresh results shed light on how Hungarians evaluate the Union nowadays.

As it turned out in the Project 28 poll, Hungary is among the most pro-EU member states, with 80 percent saying that would stay in the EU. Our fresh results support these conclusions with 77 percent declaring that the EU is rather advantageous for the country. Besides these findings it is also clear that regarding the future, Hungarians do not want “more EU”. According to 43 percent of the respondents, the present cooperation with the EU is appropriate, while 1 out of 5 said stressed that the cooperation with the Union should be limited. So, clearly the EU’s plans on stronger integration are not supported by the Hungarian people.

Hungarians express harsh criticism as well towards Brussels. As the results suggest, the majority thinks that the EU is rather unjust with Hungary (59 percent), applying double standards at the expense of the country (64 percent).

Reflecting on the currently conflicting issues between the EU and Hungary, 69 percent of the respondents stood by the Hungarian government, claiming that tying EU funds to political conditions is unacceptable.