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Five times “No” – Sexual propaganda aimed at minors is overwhelmingly rejected in Hungary
The fact that the European Commission has initiated infringement proceedings against Hungary due to the amendment of child protection legislation adopted in June has sparked off public debate recently...
Hungarians are pro-European, but they would reform the bureaucracy in Brussels
It is a recurring topic in both European and domestic public discourse to reform the functioning of the European Union. For the last year and a half, criticism has mainly been made against Brussels over the control of the coronavirus pandemic and in particular, the botched supply of vaccines in the EU...
Brussels’ responsibility for the fiasco of the vaccine procurement cannot be ignored
Vaccination of the Hungarian population against the coronavirus is progressing at a rapid pace, with 1,150,000 people already vaccinated...
Religiousness in Hungary
The research deals with religious diversity and methodology of religious diversity.
Internet usage in Hungary
A study carried out by the European Commission showed that by 2030, the cumulative additional GDP contribution of new digital technologies could amount to €2.2 trillion in the EU, which is a 14.1 per cent increase from 2017.
Hungarians refuse Brussels’ attaching conditions to economic aid during the pandemic
In a health and economic emergency caused by the coronavirus, the decision-making bodies in Brussels, overriding the agreement reached at the extraordinary meeting of the European Council in July, have agreed to set up a mechanism that would require that EU payments to Member States are subject to political and ideological conditions, including the share of the fund aiming to repair the economic damage caused by the pandemic.
Hungary can curb the pandemic again, but the fight has not ended yet
With the start of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, the Government of Hungary has made it clear that both human lives and jobs must be protected and that the country's viability must be maintained, subject to compliance with certain protection measures...
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