Sustainable agri-food systems in the CEE – presentation of a study and policy discussion on the dairy markets
Continuing the international webinar series, Századvég’s first in person Brussels-based webinar focused on sustainable agri-food systems, with specific attention on the dairy sector.
European arms shipments to Ukraine: the EU is de facto involved in the Russian-Ukrainian war
Until the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the European Union – due to the experience gained during the Second World War – always made it a priority to promote and maintain peace on its territory, and to avoid or substantially reduce the chances of war conflicts on its territory. This decades-old practice has been superseded by the Russian-Ukrainian war, and Europe has embarked on unprecedented arms exports to Ukraine, directly plunging itself into forced support for the war.
Webinar on sustainable agri-food systems in the CEE
The European Commission has in its 2023 Work Program, underlined the need for an accelerated green transformation of the agri-food industry with the aim to build a sustainable and resilient food system.
Trend reversal: agricultural producer prices start to fall
In November 2022, inflation risks remain high both globally and in Central and Eastern Europe. This is mainly due to falling but still high energy prices, disrupted supply chains and, crucially, the consequences of the increasingly protracted war between Russia and Ukraine.
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