Economic expectations have been reduced by the fourth wave of the pandemic and international economic disruption
For companies, rising energy prices on the world market are a problem due to rising production costs.
The countryside is the country’s gold reserves – conference on the future of the Hungarian countryside
What is characteristic to the Hungarian countryside, what condition is it in? What are the government development concepts that determine the future of the Hungarian countryside?...
DESI 2021: Accelerating the digitalisation of Hungary imposes additional task on all concerned
According to the DESI 2021 report on the digital readiness of certain EU Member States published by the European Commission on 12 November 2021, Hungary is the 23rd in the ranking of the EU countries, falling back two places compared to last year.
Márki-Zay defends Soros with an absurd billboard campaign
Péter Márki-Zay has recently stated that he will advertise on 400 billboards that George Soros has not settled migrants in Hungary.
The European Commission is violating the sovereignty of Member States with the planned electoral regulations
There have already been signs of intentions in Brussels to intervene in the Hungarian elections, but the recently published set of proposals made by the European Commission can be considered to be a level-up compared to the previous attempts at intervention.
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