Hogyan lehet zöldebb egy nagykereskedő vállalkozás?
A Századvég Konjunktúrakutató Zrt. szakmai támogatást nyújtott az ÁFEOSZ-COOP szövetséget a GINOP-5.3.5-18-2020-00169-es azonosító számú „A nagykereskedelmi szektor környezettudatosságának felmérése és növelése a konvergencia régiókban” című projektjének megvalósításához...
The sense of prosperity is still determined by war and sanctions
According to the June 2022 survey of Századvég Konjunktúrakutató, the sense of prosperity of both the population and businesses has declined. Compared to the previous month, the rate of change has now been bigger for companies, meaning that business leaders are also beginning to feel the effects of war and sanctions. This is mainly reflected in the case of households, while rising energy prices, weak forint exchange rate, and the fragmentation of supply chains are a problem for businesses. On a scale between -100 and +100, the value of prosperity index decreased from -13.3 to -14.7 regarding households, while it decreased from -8.7 to -14.0 regarding businesses. The end of war and the elimination of the risk associated with sanctions, which are harmful to the economy, as well as the strengthening of the forint, thus normalising inflation, are required to improve the sense of prosperity.
Innovation in CEE and the new European Innovation Agenda
Századvég Konjunktúrakutató’s recent webinar focused on the much-awaited new European Innovation Agenda. This workshop touched upon initiatives promoting innovation in CEE and the developing new European Innovation Agenda: corresponding frameworks, challenges, and proposed ways to go forward.
The report of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights reflects the influence of NGOs
War is raging in Europe and the continent is facing an unprecedented, all-encompassing energy crisis, but Brussels continues to wage an ideological warfare against its own Member States, especially those that reject migration and extreme political trends. The latest report of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, which is based on among others a report of the George Soros-funded NGOs that call themselves defenders of human rights and civilians, makes several false allegations against Hungary and the operation of our country. The document is expected to serve as a reference for the rule of law report to be published by the European Commission in July.
Stable governing parties – collapsing left
According to self-reports, the survey mapped which political force the politically active Hungarians supported on 3 April and which party they currently favour and then compared the results...
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