The goal of the Economic Research and Economic Strategy Research Centre is to analyze the dynamically changing global economic environment, to understand the internal and external processes that shape it, to identify the most effective international and domestic practices and to adapt them to Hungary's situation. With our analyses, conclusions and advices, we would like to contribute to the process of creating the conditions for a balanced growth of the Hungarian economy and to making the work of economic policy makers more effective at all times.​

The main challenge of today's nation-based economic policies, which do not take into account the interests of global value chains, is to identify and prevent external and internal threats that restrict competition, evolve economic duality, limit the effectiveness of local and national businesses, and increase social inequalities. The goal of patriotic economic policy can only be to reduce the competitive disadvantage of domestic businesses within a legal framework, and to promote the creation of a business and innovation ecosystem that gives opportunities for value-based cooperation with global value chains, involvement in international economic cooperation, and even competition. Századvég considers it a mission of the Economic Research and Economic Strategy Research Centre to contribute through its documents, manifestations and publications on a professional basis to the naturalization and reinforcement of a new economic narrative which meets the interests and opportunities of the Hungarian economy.

Business Unit head: István Loránd Szakáli

Contact details: szaká 

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