Századvég Konjunktúrakutató Zrt. has been working with energy since its founding in 2010. Through ongoing and case-by-case projects, the Energy and Climate Policy Business Unit assists public administration and companies.

Climate change is an especially important problem in the 21st century, and the decarbonisation of the economy is indispensable in managing it. New regulatory, technological and market solutions to mitigate emissions radically transform many industries. The energy sector is affected most, where environmental policy efforts as well as digitalisation, decentralisation and integration cause changes of historic scale. The extent of uncertainty caused by the diversity of the driving forces and the speed of transformation could significantly rearrange the power relations among countries and companies.

The experts of the Energy and Climate Policy Business Unit support the effective adaptation of government institutions, regulatory authorities and companies by exploring the background and expected consequences of the changes. The complex services of this Business Unit are unrivalled thanks to its unmatched policymaking experience and the utilisation of synergies between the other units of the Századvég Group (e.g. the macroeconomic, digital and social research units). Besides policy preparation, business consultancy and sectoral analyses, which meant most of the references in the previous years, research, development, innovation and communication projects are also gaining more and more emphasis in the Division’s profile.

Business Unit head: Olivér Hortay

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