The publication summarizes the main characteristics of the macroeconomic environment and provides detailed information about the major events taking place in the national and international energy markets and their effects.

The prices of crude oil, oil products and communal network energy (gas, electricity and district heating)  are analysed with emphasis on the factors influencing pricing, emerging trends and risks. The study analyses the changes in supplies and demands on the domestic market primarily in the energy and natural gas sectors. It demonstrates the relevant changes in the Hungarian legislation regarding the energy sector of the given period. The publication examines certain issues in a detailed manner based on the given period’s main events and depending on current relevance. The topics in question might touch upon the analysis of national or international events of major importance, the synthesis of case studies published by energy development organizations and the summary of the conclusions composed in these documents, the analysis of the performance of energy market actors or the demonstration of current or foreseeable changes in regulations and the examination of possible effects.

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