The Education Policy and Innovation Business Unit of Századvég Konjunktúrakutató Zrt. monitors education trends in Hungary and abroad, and plays an active role in the studying of Hungarian public and higher education.

Its research projects focus on current issues of education, and it regularly monitors the opinions and experience of education actors, e.g. the experience with the remote digital education arrangement implemented for the pandemic. The Business Unit regularly reviews higher education rankings and plays an active role in compiling them. One of its important fields of study is dropouts in higher education and in secondary schools. Additionally, it regularly conducts research projects and gives advice on education financing issues. Besides public education and higher education, vocational training and adult education are also its important fields of study. In its research activities, it takes international practices and tends to study Hungarian ones. Its research/consultation activities also support management decisions and strategic planning.

Üzletágvezető: Orsolya Horváth Dr.


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