The permanent quarterly content of the Healthcare Monitor includes an overview of the short term growth potential of the economy, economic policies, the incomes and expenses of the Health Insurance Fund, and an overview of the healthcare expenditures financed from other sources. The main focus of these examinations are healthcare policies, and economic and financial analyses of legislative actions, with special regard to the pharmaceutical industry. Important parts of the research are the monitoring of healthcare expenses and occasional analyses related to healthcare.​

The examinations focus on presenting the financing situations of some subdivisions of the healthcare sector and on introducing the impacts of the most important political measures. The monthly financial reports of the Health Insurance Fund (OEP, MÁK) provide the main source of data for the analysis. The analysis concerning the expenses helps to identify the financial tensions that appeared in certain subdivisions of the healthcare system, and it draws attention to tendencies that are different from previous ones.

In addition to the permanent quarterly content, analyses related to healthcare, healthcare policy and the health industry, may also be part of the publication. Besides paying a close attention to the publications issued by the Health Insurance Fund, the Healthcare Monitor presents the anticipated effects of changes in legislation and the consequences of the most important events (such as the emigration of healthcare employees).

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