The Macroeconomic Business Unit’s strong suits are analysing the cyclical situation and external environment of the Hungarian economy, forecasting short-term and long-term macroeconomic trends, economic policy monitoring, examining the situation of the financial intermediary system and the labour market, modelling the impacts of various economic policy interventions and analysing individual sectors of the national economy by

  • compiling decision-support background papers and impact assessments,
  • outlining economic trends,
  • making short-term economic projections,
  • making regular quarterly and monthly publications,
  • preparing ad-hoc sectoral analyses,
  • preparing international macroeconomic analyses and forecasts,
  • preparing studies on the financial intermediary system,
  • assessing the current and forthcoming labour-market situation,
  • assessing the economic situation of individual regions or fields, providing proposals,
  • presenting the impacts of individual government and/or economic policy actions.

Business Unit head: Tamás Isépy

Contact details: isépy.tamá

Macroeconomic Monitor and Report on Economic Growth

Economic Policy Monitor

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