Public opinion is calling for peace and compromise in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict
Eighty-three percent of Hungarians are calling for a negotiation and compromise in the Russian-Ukrainian war for peace as soon as possible, but the vast majority believe that the parties involved are not interested in making peace, according to a survey conducted by Századvég.
The overhead policy of the left that supports embargos would increase household expenses by an average of HUF 79,000 per month
From the outset, the Hungarian government has opposed Brussels’ proposals for sanctions on Russian energy supplies, as they would cause considerable damage to Hungary. ..
Hungarian households can save an average of HUF 21,000 in June with the fuel price cap
In November 2021, the Hungarian government maximised the retail price of petrol and diesel at the level of HUF 480/litre, extending its measure in several steps until 1 July...
Utility price cap is unquestionable from a fundamental rights point of view
Due to Brussels’ flawed climate and energy policies, energy prices began to rise sharply even before the war. However, the Hungarian government has always resisted the European Commission’s deregulation efforts and defended the utility price cap to save the Hungarian population from unfavourable energy market developments...
According to the HCSO, almost all sectors contributed to growth in Q1 this year. Industry and market services played the biggest role. Within industry, the economy was driven by food and beverages, petroleum refining and electrical equipment manufacturing, while within market services, the economy was driven by trade, accommodation, catering, transport and storage.
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