About us

“In our fast-changing world, good decisions require high-quality and relevant data.”

Kinga Kenyeres
Chief Executive Officer


Gábor Fűrész

Chairman of the Board

Tamás Görgényi

Member of the Board

Áron Hidvégi

Vice-Chairman and Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Kinga Kenyeres

Chief Executive Officer


Századvég was established in 1993 as an intellectual workshop of the young generation that played an active role in the political changes of 1989-1990 in Hungary. The founders’ aim was to create an intellectual and professional base to provide reliable support for Hungarian opinion leaders in a period of social and economic transition.

In the 30 years since then, the world around us has not become less controversial, but it has accelerated considerably, flooding us with an almost unimaginable amount of possibilities and impulses. As complication has increased, so has problem complexity, while we have to form opinions on more and more abstract and relatively distant issues.

Századvég’s mission is to help you see clearly so that you can make better decisions. And good decisions require two things: clear objectives and substantial information. 

We work to learn and understand Hungarian and international economic and social processes, and thus provide useful and understandable knowledge to decision-makers, whether they are corporate, governmental or private.

Our Researchers

Béla Bauer PhD

Senior Analyst

Bianka Speidl Dr.

Senior Analyst

Dávid Kollár

Senior Analyst

Dóra Menich


Eszter Bogáromi Dr.

Associate Director of …

Dr. Gábor Megadja

Director of Research Unit

László Kökény Dr.

Senior Advisor

Lili Zenovitz

Senior Analyst

Miklós Gyorgyovich

Associate Director

Mónika Makay

Team Leader of Research Unit

Nikoletta Péntekné Simon Dr.


Olivér Hortay Dr.

Director, Director of Research Unit

Orsolya Horváth Dr.


Péter Pillók Dr.

Director of Research Unit

Tamás Isépy


Tamás László

Senior Analyst

Zoltán Kiszelly


Zoltán Lomnici Jr Dr.

Lead Expert

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