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Today Hungary is the voice of the European people – Sovereignty Conference



Századvég was established in 1993 as an intellectual workshop of the young generation that played an active role in the political changes of 1989-1990 in Hungary. The founders’ aim was to create an intellectual and professional base to provide reliable support for Hungarian opinion leaders in a period of social and economic transition.

In the 30 years since then, the world around us has not become less controversial, but it has accelerated considerably, flooding us with an almost unimaginable amount of possibilities and impulses. As complication has increased, so has problem complexity, while we have to form opinions on more and more abstract and relatively distant issues.

Századvég’s mission is to help you see clearly so that you can make better decisions. And good decisions require two things: clear objectives and substantial information.

We work to learn and understand Hungarian and international economic and social processes, and thus provide useful and understandable knowledge to decision-makers, whether they are corporate, governmental or private.

“In our fast-changing world, good decisions require high-quality and relevant data.”

Kinga Kenyeres
Chief Executive Officer

Latest reports

On 7 October, Hamas militants carried out a terrorist attack against Israel that claimed more than 1,400 lives, most of them civilians. In response to the action of the Palestinian terrorist organisation, Israel has launched a military operation in the Gaza Strip to destroy Hamas infrastructure. At the same time, mass demonstrations, not without antisemitic manifestations, in support of Palestine or Hamas took place in many major cities in Western Europe. In light of these developments, Századvég has mapped public attitudes towards the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Brussels is asking Member States for EUR 50 billion in additional funding for Ukraine. The proposal would not only impose a significant financial burden on the entire population of the EU but would also allow the armed conflict to drag on. However, EU citizens believe that the parties should instead be urged to negotiate peace and the war should end immediately.


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Project Europe

In the first half of 2016, the Századvég Foundation conducted a public opinion poll survey covering all 28 European Union Member States, with the aim to analyse the opinions of EU citizens regarding the issues that most affect the future of the EU.

In a unique way, Project 28 conducted the widest possible survey of 1,000, that is a total of 28,000 randomly selected adults in each country. Gaining an understanding of society’s sense of prosperity and mapping the population’s attitudes towards the performance of the European Union, the migration crisis and the increasing terrorism were among the most important goals of the analysis. Following the surveys in 2017, 2018 and 2019, on behalf of the government, the Századvég Foundation has been conducting the research under the name of Project Europe since 2020, which continued to reflect on the topics that most dominated the European political and social discourse.




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