Past events

07, May 2024

Europe in the Shadow of War

Századvég Foundation has been conducting a public opinion survey since 2016 to examine the views of European citizens on the issues that most affect the future of the EU. The aim of the 2024 survey of the unique Project Europe survey series was to map public attitudes on the most important public issues affecting our continent. The main topics of research are issues related to the Russia-Ukraine war and the armed conflict between Israel and Hamas. Topics will also include, among others, the sense of prosperity in society, perceptions of the European Union’s activities, energy price developments and energy policy, media, religious affiliation and attitudes to migration.

The results of the research were presented on 7 May 2024 at the Europe in the Shadow of War conference, which will be attended by a number of high-profile political and professional figures.

20, February 2024

Conference on Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech and expression of opinion is usually listed among the most important values of Western democracies. This passage is included in most international legal documents, national constitutions and fundamental laws. Politicians and bureaucrats invoke it against perceived or real, past or present oppressive regimes and practices. Freedom of speech is usually protected by the liberal-democratic mainstream from authoritarian regimes or religious oppression. But something seems to have changed in recent decades. The protection of various sensitivities, progressiveness, wokeness, and the liberal-democratic status quo seems to be more of an important issue than the protection of freedom of speech. Universities, progressives, and big tech companies all take a stand against free speech. Freedom of speech can be restricted if free speech is practiced by undesirable speakers – such as populists, nationalists or religious groups. Is freedom of speech really still a Western, democratic fundamental value, or is it just a rhetorical tool on the part of bureaucrats defending their positions of power? What are the challenges facing freedom of speech in the West and in post-socialist countries, and how can it be protected?

At this conference, with the participation of well-known domestic and foreign speakers, we are looking for answers to these questions. Next to others Tamás Deutsch, member of the European Parliament, will give a presentation, while Alvino-Mario Fantini, editor-in-chief of the European Conservative, Mark C. Henrie, president of the Arthur N. Rupe Foundation, and Prof. Dr. Andreas Kinneging, professor of legal philosophy, will also be speaking.

Event hostess: Anett Szabó journalist

Participation is free, but registration is required.

Please confirm your intention to participate until 00.00 February 18, 2024.

We reserve the right to make changes to the programme.

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