Opinion Polls
Stable ruling party dominance, feeble left
In the political arena, support for Fidesz-KDNP is 42 percent, while opposition alliance would achieve 25 percent in a parliamentary election if it was due this Sunday, according to the latest survey conducted by Századvég. The research mapped the party preference indicators among the politically active Hungarian population (promising participation in the elections for sure or likely).
Hungary must not drift into war – the population condemns pro-war statements
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in February, following a summit of EU leaders, that the Hungarian government supports an immediate ceasefire to avoid more deaths. The Prime Minister stressed that "Hungary belongs to the peace camp". As Századvég's earlier analysis pointed out, various public figures in the international political arena criticised Hungary's commitment to peace in order to put pressure on Hungary. A public opinion poll conducted by Századvég in March explored what Hungarians think about the statements of these pro-war public figures and their possible consequences.
National unity in favour of a ceasefire and peace talks
The Government of Hungary is pursuing a pro-peace policy in the context of the Russo-Ukrainian War, the main element of which is to promote an immediate ceasefire instead of encouraging further escalation of the conflict...
Sustainable agri-food systems in the CEE – presentation of a study and policy discussion on the dairy markets
Continuing the international webinar series, Századvég’s first in person Brussels-based webinar focused on sustainable agri-food systems, with specific attention on the dairy sector.
Webinar on sustainable agri-food systems in the CEE
The European Commission has in its 2023 Work Program, underlined the need for an accelerated green transformation of the agri-food industry with the aim to build a sustainable and resilient food system.
The review of the European Waste Framework Directive
Századvég Konjunktúrakutató’s latest webinar focused on waste related consumer behaviour and the review of the European Waste Framework Directive. The workshop touched upon how waste collection and sustainability objectives could further be streamlined with manifested consumer behaviour and how this could be better reflected in EU-level sectoral rules. Our webinar sits well in with the European Commission’s ongoing revision of the EU Waste Framework Directive and also with the recent modifications of municipal waste collection and management in Hungary.
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