The family is one of the most important pillars of society, which is why the Project Europe research has examined the attitudes of European citizens towards family values in several waves. The research results of recent years have shown a consistently family-friendly Europe, which was confirmed by a survey in the second half of 2022.

The latest results show that nearly three quarters (73%) of EU citizens have a positive opinion of family values. The Balkan region has the most positive attitudes towards family values, while the Visegrad countries and the countries of the former socialist bloc also expressed positive attitudes above the European average. In the context of the pluralisation of family forms, Századvég mapped out what respondents would recommend to their government if they had to choose: to protect families and promote parenthood, or to give more attention to supporting the LGBTQ community and sexual minorities. The results of the survey show that 61% of EU citizens would prefer family support, while only 24% of respondents would prioritise support for the LGBTQ movement.