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An overwhelming majority (87%) of Hungarian consumers think that it is fundamentally positive when a product is Hungarian: they prefer Hungarian goods, and this is encouraging news for Hungarian businesses. Detailed data in the October 2023 survey by Századvég Konjunktúrakutató show that Hungarian consumers have a significantly higher preference for domestic products when buying food than when buying other products.

Creative industries have been a recognised driver of developed economies for decades. All over the world, the vast majority of products with high added value are still designed in Europe and the US, and only their production has been relocated to Asia. These products are distributed around the world through European and American companies, brands and retailers. Therefore, Hungary is typically only involved in these global processes through minor manufacturing and logistics operations, and primarily on the consumer side. Századvég Konjunktúrakutató has conducted a comprehensive analysis to explore how Hungary could strengthen its role in this industry.

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