European and Hungarian public opinion opposes the forced resettlement of migrants

In May 2024, the European Council adopted a migration pact, already voted by the European Parliament in April, and its detailed implementation plan was presented to the public in Brussels on 12 June by Ylva Johansson, EU Commissioner for Home Affairs. Among other things, the Brussels pact provides for the legally mandatory distribution of illegal migrants between […]

The countryside in the shadow of migration – Lessons from Southern Europe

  Migration to Europe from outside the continent is largely, and most noticeably, an urban phenomenon. In some countries, however, the presence of migrants has an equally significant impact on rural areas. The European Mediterranean (EUMed) countries are on the frontline of migration from outside Europe, at the borders of radically different cultures, so it […]

French urban policy and migration

  France is arguably the country with the largest immigration population in Europe. 8.6 million people who were born outside of France made up 13.3% of the country’s total population in 2021. The top three countries of birth were Algeria (16%), Morocco (12%), and Portugal (7%). 2020 saw the long-term or permanent admission of 238 000 new […]

Digital technologies could be the key driver for the transition to a circular economy

  The circular economy aims to reduce the impact of production activities and consumption on the natural environment and to keep the raw materials that can be reused and recycled from products in a resource-efficient cycle. With the spread of digitisation, there is a growing belief that, in addition to external factors (e.g. scarcity of […]

Technological improvements are at the heart of international industrial development strategies

  Our research sought to understand how industrial strategies in developed countries approach the challenges facing individual industries, what objectives are set in relation to these challenges, what fundamental aspects (sustainability, technological adaptation, geographical location, knowledge-based approach, etc.) are considered, and what instruments are assigned to each objective in order to maximise the contribution of […]

Households’ sense of prosperity improved in May

  The prosperity index remained in negative territory, determined by the prolonged Russia-Ukraine war and the uncertainty caused by economic sanctions. Further significant improvement in economic expectations will be possible if the war ends, inflation remains in the central bank’s target range (between 2% and 4%), the interest rate environment becomes more favourable and energy […]

Brussels migration pact:
Europe does not want compulsory resettlement of refugees

Brussels continues to push for mandatory distribution of migrants Since the migration wave of 2015, the European Union has repeatedly tried to impose a binding legal framework on Member States to participate in the mechanism for the allocation and inclusion of migrants. But the plans of the Brussels elite have provoked resistance from the Member […]

Europeans reject Brussels’ commitment to ban gas boilers

  The EU’s central institutions decided to tighten energy efficiency requirements for buildings at the end of 2023. Under the agreement, gas boilers should be phased out in all Member States by 2040, affecting around 30 million European families. The funding background of the decision, which could cost millions of forints per household, is unclear and […]

Europeans say no to Ukrainian grain dumping

  The European Council has decided to extend the suspension of tariff and import restrictions on Ukrainian products. Brussels initially justified the relaxation of the rules on agricultural products from Ukraine by arguing that the war between Russia and Ukraine had prevented goods from reaching third countries via the previous transport routes. However, events over […]

European public opinion: a firm NO to sending troops

  The European political elite is in a war fever In the European political arena, the rhetoric of war has increased considerably in recent months. The statements of many leading politicians of the European Union and Western Europe, instead of promoting peace negotiations, have been aimed at creating a war machine, at visualising the involvement […]

Businesses’ sense of prosperity improved slightly in April

  The prosperity index remained in negative territory, determined by the prolonged Russia-Ukraine war and the uncertainty caused by economic sanctions. Further significant improvement in economic expectations will be possible if the war ends, inflation remains in the central bank’s target range (between 2% and 4%), the interest rate environment becomes more favourable and energy […]

Advanced digital solutions can also support the water utilities sector

  The research aimed, among other things, to identify the most important challenges facing the Hungarian water utility sector and the digital solutions that could best support their mitigation and elimination. The main challenges in Hungary’s water utilities sector From the 1990s to the present day, the quantity of water sold has fallen significantly (to […]

Europeans reject Brussels’ commitment to ban conventional motor vehicles

The debate on the legislation adopted by the European Parliament last February, which would ban the sale of motor vehicles with internal combustion engines powered by conventional fuels in the European Union from 2035, has reignited recently. The measure already poses significant challenges for EU automotive manufacturers, traditionally the most exportable and innovative key sector […]

Subdued economic growth expected in 2024

  Looking at global developments, the decline and expected further moderation in global oil prices should ease external and internal inflationary pressures. Weakening German growth prospects may have a downward impact on Hungarian exports in the period ahead. Geopolitical tensions such as the Russia-Ukraine war or the conflict in Gaza could be a cause for […]

Public expectations are clear: Europe should not send soldiers to Ukraine

War intervention has no social support As a starting point, it should be emphasised that Hungarians attribute the outbreak and protraction of the Russia-Ukraine war to the clash of superpower interests and the inability of the United States and Russia to compromise. Accordingly, three quarters (75%) of respondents believe that the armed conflict involves a […]

The Maghreb mission –
The great European energy race

Significant hydrocarbon reserves could be hidden in the Maghreb The North African region has always been a priority for Europe, especially at a time of migration and energy crisis. Most of the countries in the area have rich hydrocarbon reserves, which offer attractive opportunities for the European continent, not to mention as yet unexplored shallow […]

Hungarians see Donald Trump as a guarantee of peace and security

The world was safer under Trump First, as the world’s leading economic, military and political power, the United States plays a key role in shaping and maintaining the stability of global politics, and thus the US President has an unequalled public responsibility. Since the departure of Jimmy Carter in 1981, Donald Trump has been the […]

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