Brussels’ actions are not fair to Hungary

It is important to state that one of the most important pillars of the European Union since its foundation has been the equality of the countries that make up the community and the respect for this requirement. It is easy to see that

discrimination against individual Member States and disregard for their legitimate (financial) interests,

especially in the distressed situation caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war and Brussels’ failed sanctions policy, fundamentally threaten the

unity and effective functioning of the European Union.

The European community can be successful both in the relations between the EU bodies and the Member States, as well as between individual countries, only by taking into account the aspects of cooperation and willingness to compromise.

Despite this, as the previous analysis of Századvég highlighted,

Brussels withholds a significant part of the EU funds due to Hungary, a move that the vast majority of Hungarians do not feel is justified.

Polling data show that

60 percent of those surveyed believe that the European Union is an alliance of equal and free countries, so Brussels has no right to withhold – not even partially – the financial resources due to the Member States but should seek a compromise.