Project Management

„We provide management, administrative and other coordination support to the advisory and research divisions.”

Learning from our personal professional experiences in the consulting market, we organise the consulting activities of Századvég Konjunktúrakutató with a tailored approach. To ensure that the divisions can dedicate as much of their resources as possible to their project delivery tasks, they receive ongoing support from our dedicated project management team in the administrative, management and coordination tasks associated with each of our projects. The PMO team oversees project monitoring and timesheet systems and is in constant contact with the financial and legal departments of the company, acting as a bridge between the divisions and the corporate back office functions.


About us

The Project Management Office is a service division of Századvég.

It provides ongoing support to the company’s eight specialised divisions in strategic planning, business development and monitoring. The professional background of the members of the PMO team also allows them to take part in the professional aspects of ongoing projects, extending the capacities and competences of the different divisions in projects with specific needs. Using this knowledge in organisational and process improvement, strategic planning and development policy in particular, the PMO team regularly implements projects on its own.


He is Director of the Project Management Office (PMO) of Századvég Konjunktúrakutató Zrt. and has more than 14 years of experience in project management and project implementation in various sectors, mainly in the public sector and telecommunications. Before joining Századvég in 2020, he was manager at Deloitte Hungary and led projects for the central government and its agencies, municipalities, businesses and industry associations, including strategy and policy development, identifying opportunities within regulatory frameworks, developing action and communication plans, and supporting SMEs. These projects included both national and international projects, with up to 20 team members working on each project. He participated in international collaboration, projects and workshops across Europe. Prior to joining Deloitte, he was a senior consultant in the telecommunications and public sector consulting group of KPMG Hungary. Besides his job, Bence is a lecturer at the Pázmány Péter Catholic University, where he teaches project management (sustainable organisational and project development). His native languages are Hungarian and German, he has a working knowledge of English and basic knowledge of Russian and Latin. Bence holds a degree in international relations with a major in diplomacy, and has studied on scholarships in the United States and Russia and attended training programmes in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg and Belgium.

We provide a wide array of solutions

Services and references

Building on the professional experience of the staff members of the PMO, it carries out a number of independent strategic and analytical projects, particularly in development policy, or tasks that are not specific to any division but require a specialised and comprehensive approach. This ongoing project experience strengthens the team’s ability to accurately understand the project challenges of other divisions and, therefore, to ensure the highest possible standards in its overall project management activities.

Ex ante analyses

Ex ante analyses to prepare for the introduction of financial instruments.

Risk-based capital market planning

Strategic planning support for venture capitalists.

Performance assessment framework

Background analysis and overall proposal for the framework to be developed to lay the groundwork for the introduction of a multi-ministerial performance assessment system.

Analysis of direct EU funding

Background analysis, organisational and strategic consulting related to the implementation support and national implementation of centralized EU funds.


Development and alignment of databases to help analyse the use of resources in project implementation and identification of synergies between divisions.

Business development

Strengthening a strategic approach to the market introduction of new products and services, by carrying out related market research and formulating negotiation proposals.

Strategic planning

Methodological and cost-planning support for the design of each project by assessing client specifics and the objectives and opportunities of each task.

Evaluation framework

Development of evaluation plans and methodologies for EU-funded programmes.

Programme evaluation

Preparation of national reports to support interim evaluations of EU-funded programmes.

Internal control system

Outlining an internal control framework proposal through an analysis of international and national best practices.

Benchmark analysis

International analysis of pay levels and trends in the labour force of other EU Member States.

We believe that the added value of our existing knowledge base has international relevance.

The expertise of Századvég Konjunktúrakutató Zrt. typically supports the activities of Hungarian governmental and municipal actors, as well as market players. We also believe that the added value of our existing knowledge base has international relevance, and the PMO Team actively contributes to the expansion of the company’s international project activities.


We participate in EU-level consultations and discussions on legislation and directives. The Commission confirmed on several occasions that our input is of particular value to them, especially as Eastern European Member States participate with much less intensity in these public consultations (often not at all).

Webinar series

We invite international speakers to our webinar series on topical issues of European relevance. From 2023, our presentations focus on personal events, the first of which took place in Brussels in May this year.

International consortia

As a member of international consortia, we participate in projects supporting consulting services to the central EU institutions, as well as in calls for proposals funded by central EU funds.

As a result, Századvég Konjunktúrakutató Zrt. signed its first international contract in 2022, which was followed by further international projects and cooperations.

International webinars

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