The international NGO Human Rights Watch, a New York-based organization with a politically strong liberal commitment, has produced an 85-page methodologically unconvincing, i.e., professionally inadequately grounded report on our country, criticising the 2022 parliamentary elections and making unfounded criticisms in several places. In terms of finances, the organization linked to the network of Open Society Foundations funded by George Soros stated in the document that the legal and official protection of personal data in Hungary is inadequately ensured, thereby it seriously violates the principles of the rule of law.

A political action committee – which can raise funds from any legal source – cannot be accepted as having republican values if, immediately after its establishment, it turns against its own, in this case Donald Trump, and thus the veil has been lifted off its real aims. In addition to the fact that the infighting within Republican circles has eventually turned into a public political attack by this organization, the situation is further nuanced by the millions of dollars in support immediately coming from the left-liberal empire. The question arises as to who is the real Republican then, but in the end the political intent is clearly visible if the organization’s criticism has also reached Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

HCLU and the Hungarian Helsinki Committee claim the priority representation of basic human rights – and asylum rights, which, according to some, cannot be separated from them. It is reasonable to ask whether the representation of these rights fills a gap or rather achieves goals that serve other interests. While Hungary and the European Court of Justice agree that the transparency of grants provided for NGOs with a major influence on public life and public debate remains an international and constitutional interest in the future, HCLU and the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, as the only anointed defenders of human rights in Hungary, are hiding behind this disguise and use significant foreign funding to carry out anti-government and political activities. Meanwhile, the Hungarian State’s argument is recognised by the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Justice as well.

War is raging in Europe and the continent is facing an unprecedented, all-encompassing energy crisis, but Brussels continues to wage an ideological warfare against its own Member States, especially those that reject migration and extreme political trends. The latest report of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, which is based on among others a report of the George Soros-funded NGOs that call themselves defenders of human rights and civilians, makes several false allegations against Hungary and the operation of our country. The document is expected to serve as a reference for the rule of law report to be published by the European Commission in July.

The European Political Community proposed by Emmanuel Macron can be seen as a clear attack on sovereign nation states and is based on an idea that has failed several times throughout the history of the European Union due to the prevention of future enlargements and the risk of losing sovereignty. The creation of such a new political organisation is in line with the federalist aspirations of Brussels, under the auspices of which left-liberal politicians would also amend the Treaties, seeking to undermine the sovereignty of Member States and concentrate the power of the rich elite.

In various reports disguised as legal ones, the European Commission is continuing its series of intervention attempts to condemn countries that do not embrace the ideology of open societies. The Sargentini report and the rule of law country reports of the last two years should all be seen as a political attack on Member States that stand up for national sovereignty and against illegal migration, since the allegations therein, which can be clearly refuted by law and facts, have been made disproportionately only against Poland and Hungary. Based on this experience, this year’s report is not expected to paint a positive picture of the state of democracy in Hungary, but the NGOs funded by George Soros will presumably reflect the opinion dictated by their patron instead, in line with the left-liberal narrative of Brussels.

Brussels wants to get its own political way by standardising the concept of the rule of law, which has not had a universally accepted definition so far, through creating its own framework and labelling the countries that do not meet the criteria of open societies anti-democratic. The allegations are represented by NGOs as “actors of the rule of law” and rule of law experts funded by George Soros put forward their arguments in the guise of independence. By giving NGOs more powers and greater say in shaping the rule of law mechanism, Brussels would give significant power to non-elected NGOs (which in principle are impossible to replace) without popular legitimacy, who would thus have a significant influence in shaping domestic political events, enforcing the will of George Soros. Providing NGOs with a decision-making role ultimately means the eradication of popular sovereignty.

In the run-up to the 2022 parliamentary elections, the Hungarian electoral procedure and related processes have once again been the subject of sharp criticism by members of the international network of the left. The European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) predicts that Viktor Orbán will lose the elections in April, but by circumventing the result, he will retain power. The Unhack Democracy organization urges international intervention, because in its opinion the conditions for holding fair elections in Hungary are not provided. However, if we examine the current Hungarian legal regulations, the OSCE report on the Hungarian parliamentary elections in 2018, and the background of the organizations that are now speaking, we get a clear picture that we are actually witnessing new politically delegated delegitimization efforts by the international network of the left.

Since his victory in the primary, Péter Márki-Zay’s policy has been more emphatically determined by serving the interests of George Soros and globalist forces. Open support for immigration and the LGBTQ lobby, the fight against overhead cuts, and the desire to abolish the minimum wage all serve a specific purpose, to gain political and financial support from the international network of the left. This strategy has a long tradition in the Hungarian left, to which the opposition’s candidate for prime minister appears to adapt perfectly, so it is no coincidence that he has recently been able to sit at a negotiating table with many leading figures in the Soros network. At the same time, there is no doubt that unconditional compliance with globalist interests would not only jeopardise Hungary’s sovereignty but would also lead to a drastic deterioration in living standards.

Brussels would give NGOs more and more say in shaping the rule of law mechanism, giving more power to non-governmental organisations, which, as non-elected actors, would have a significant influence in shaping national political events, enforcing the will of George Soros. Providing a significant role for NGOs in decision-making means abolishing popular sovereignty. This eliminates the democratic principle that the source of all power is the people, who exceptionally exercise that power directly through their elected representatives.

The case of selling the City Hall has not only drawn attention to the fact that the idea of selling out national assets remained an integral part of the left’s policy but has also shown a multi-level mechanism with a network of real estate sales in the capital, based on a commission system, which may be organised between left-wing decision-makers and business circles linked to them. Despite the documents and recordings that have been made public, no investigations into this matter have been conducted by the groups of investigative journalists who regularly demand the consistent prosecution of corruption. However, this phenomenon is not unprecedented. If we look at the most significant recent corruption cases or the allegations of corruption related to the left, we may come across similar double standards. This is no coincidence, as these organisations are funded with huge sums of money by foreign NGOs, whose real purpose is not to fight corruption but to implement the intervention strategy of the international left-wing network.

The European Parliament’s resolution adopted on 10 October 2019 declared external interference in elections to be in violation of international law, yet the European Commission is continuing its attempts to intervene in the 2022 parliamentary elections in Hungary. The tender, funded by the European Networking Instrument, was won by Magyar Jeti Zrt., which can be linked to George Soros at several points, and gained the right and support to establish the Hungarian Digital Media Observatory, through which delegates from editorial offices with the ideology of open societies can restrict content on the Internet, thus violating the fundamental right of access to information and freedom of expression, and ultimately influencing the outcome of elections held within six months. Funding such “observatory centres” that engage in public intrigues is nothing more than political influence gained by money, which is in fact global corruption and, as such, incompatible with democratic functioning and requires urgent action.

The European Parliament previously opposed influencing national elections The delegation of the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) spent three days in Hungary, officially on the grounds that they seek information about the rule of law in Hungary, whether there has been any change therein since the so-called Article 7 procedure launched in 2018. However, it later became clear that the real purpose of the visit was presumably to make the European left’s efforts successful in intervening in the 2022 parliamentary elections through various means of intervention, which are partly incompatible with the EU Treaties, and to help the Hungarian left, which serves the interests of Brussels, come to power.

On 29 September 2021, seven members of the LIBE Committee of the European Parliament arrived in Hungary “to be informed of local conditions”, mostly in discussions with actors critical and hostile to the government. In addition, they meet representatives of several NGOs that receive significant support from both the European Union and the Open Society Foundation. The relationship of NGOs with the LIBE Committee and George Soros can be clearly demonstrated.

It has long been observed that international left-wing forces, together with non-governmental organizations representing the concept of an open society, see the issue of climate protection as a political tool. The essence of their strategy is that by disguising their real intentions for political gain they hide behind a noble goal to reach out to voters belonging to the predominantly younger age groups, whom they see as a possible replacement of their voting base. Given that the NGO network linked to the American speculator, George Soros, plays a significant role in subordinating environmental protection to political considerations, it is worth taking a closer look at the relevant international and domestic activities of these organizations.

In recent weeks, there has been a lively debate about the Lobby Registry in Germany. Christian Lindner, the leader of the German Free Democratic Party (FDP), which, after four years, became a federal parliamentary party again in 2017, urged the establishment of a mandatory registration system for lobbyists and interest groups particularly active in the German capital. In his view, the list should include not only the representatives of industries, for example, but also of non-governmental organizations, such as the representatives of the German environmental lobby. The leader of the liberal party and its faction in the Bundestag said: Their influence and funding need to be clear, therefore, such a record is necessary at the federal level.

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