Europeans say no to Ukrainian grain dumping

  The European Council has decided to extend the suspension of tariff and import restrictions on Ukrainian products. Brussels initially justified the relaxation of the rules on agricultural products from Ukraine by arguing that the war between Russia and Ukraine had prevented goods from reaching third countries via the previous transport routes. However, events over […]

European public opinion: a firm NO to sending troops

  The European political elite is in a war fever In the European political arena, the rhetoric of war has increased considerably in recent months. The statements of many leading politicians of the European Union and Western Europe, instead of promoting peace negotiations, have been aimed at creating a war machine, at visualising the involvement […]

Europeans reject Brussels’ commitment to ban conventional motor vehicles

The debate on the legislation adopted by the European Parliament last February, which would ban the sale of motor vehicles with internal combustion engines powered by conventional fuels in the European Union from 2035, has reignited recently. The measure already poses significant challenges for EU automotive manufacturers, traditionally the most exportable and innovative key sector […]

Hungarians sympathise with Israel—Public concern about Islamic terrorism is significant

Hungarians sympathise with Israel The starting point of the survey was to assess the perceptions of Israel, Palestine and Hamas among the adult Hungarian population, and to establish an approval index as a difference between positive and negative opinions. It can be seen that Israel’s approval index is in the positive range (plus 8), while the […]

One fifth of Europeans cannot heat their homes sufficiently

  Presenting the Spring Package of the European Semester, Brussels Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni said that the EU economy was performing better than expected and that Member States should end their energy subsidy schemes by the end of 2023. However, Századvég’s research reveals that claiming better-than-expected performance is an overstatement, and that implementing the call for […]

European public opinion says the EU is the biggest loser of the sanctions

The fundamental requirement for sanctions is that they cause more harm to the sanctioned country than to the economies that impose them. In the months following the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war, leaders in Brussels argued that increasingly harsh punitive measures should be imposed because they would bring the Russian economy to its knees in […]

European public opinion: Sanctions hurt the EU more than Russia

The European Union’s sanctions policy is reasonably expected to cause more damage to Russia than to Europe. As punitive measures have not been able to speed up the end of the war (in fact, the armed conflict is deepening) and the EU’s prospects are deteriorating, there is growing criticism of the Community’s previous efforts. EU […]

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